How to do New Home Design With Vastu

How to home design with Vastu

Vastu—the science of physical structures—teaches us how to place or construct material structures, taking into account the planetary forces and their effects on our lives. When arranged and constructed according to these principles, our homes can be transformed into entities full of life energy.

When you wish to build HOME such a space, which will be in tune with your personal vibration, laws of nature and will support your harmonious progress in life.we use vedic vastu calculation for designing & secreat dimentions for the floor-plan.Vastu asures harmony and natural plants can produce air not the artificials ones.
Designing features in new vastu plan…

  1. Orientation considerations.
  2. Building Layout with regard to a grid called “Vastu Purusha Mandala”.
  3. Dimensioning with Ayadi-material prosperity and spiritual well being.
  4. Exterior door locations.
  5. Brahmasthan & Marmsthan
  6. Room Placement.
  7. Height.

The Vaastu Purusha is considered to be awake when he is oriented towards the cardinal
points, and is said to be asleep when oriented towards the non-cardinal points like NE,
The eight directions, influences on the nature of growth and prosperity.

• Isaana (North East): Direction of nourishing energies.
• Aaditya (East): Direction of life energy.
• Agni (South East): Direction of spiritual growth.
• Yama (South): Direction of the meaning of life and death.
• Pitru (South West): Direction of ancestral connections.
• Varuna (West): Direction of the unknown.
• Vaayu (North West): Direction of intellectual achievements.
• Soma or Kubera (North):Direction of healing.
• Brahma (Centre): Nexus for the entire cosmic movement.