Get Checked Home Vastu Dosh Vastu Evaluation Report

Area in which we are living or working effects our physical & mental energy in terms of health & wealth.
A vastu Evaluation can be made for an existing place, a remodeling of House or Office, or buying New house.
We have seen wrong water body placement is the cause of severe Joint pain.

wrong inverter placement causes knee pain.
wrong toilet in north- east causes Mental problem & chronic dieses.
wrong bed positions create Anxiety/Depression.
wrong south west toilet cause of Heart diseses,Back pain & Child birth problem.
wrong kitchen placement causes disturbed cash flow,Agressions and many effects.
and so many .

Without demolitions and re-construction those vastu deffects treated & situations changed magicaly positive.
It also answers specific problems (, carrier,marriage,litigation etc) how related to wrong placement of the main gate ,kitchen ,toilet, or activity in wrong directions.After a complete vastu-analysis & Identifying the cause of your problem ,We suggest you easy Remedies.
Some main area which has to be check like….
1.Location of main Gate .
2.Location of main Door.
3.Location of Puja room.
4.Location of Kitchen.

5.Location of Master & other Bedrooms.
6.Location of Kids room.
7.Location of Dining area.
8.Location of Drawing area.
9.Location of Guest room
10.Location of servant room
11.Location of Store room.
12.Location of Study room.
13.Location of Toilet & Bathroom.
14.Location of Septik tank.
15.Location of Underground water tank.
16.Location of Overhead water tank.

17.Location of Electric fuses & meter.
18.Location of stairs clockwise/anticlockwise.
19.Location of Garage.
20.Location of pit.
21.Cut & Extended part of building.
22.Slope of floor. 23. Slope of roof.
24.Placement of Locker.
25.Placement of Books.
26.Placement of Property document.
27.Placement of Medicine.
28.Placement of Locker.
29.Placement of Shoe rack
30.Placement of Almira/Wardrobe.
31.Placement of Locker.
32.Placement of Mirrors
33.Placement of Dustbins.
34.placement of Washing machine.
34.placement of Mixer,Sewing machine.
35.placement of Fridge.
36.placement of Paintings.
37.Colours of the Wall , Tiles & Curtains.

Water cooler ,Water filter,Geyser,Oven,Mixer- Grinder…and many more objects which Effects the 5- element cycle with respect to Directions.