Our ancestors knew about Geopathic Stress or geopathic zones. For ages, this general term Geopathic Stress is used to describe negative energies, also known as “dangerous earth energies” that originate from the Earth and cause distress and poor health to those living directly above these Energies. There are many types of Earth energies, some are very good for human health, and some are Harmful.

In 1952, German physicist W.O. Schumann identified 7.83 Hz as the frequency of earth magnetic field. Also known as Schumann Waves, these waves fall within the range of (alpha) which is the same frequency as human brainwaves that follow a similar daily pattern.

It has been suggested that these waves help regulate the body’s internal clock, thus affecting our sleep patterns, hormonal secretions, the menstrual cycle in women, Diabetes
Inability to Heal
Memory Problems
Attention Deficit Disorder
Heart Attacks

Kidney Disorders
Brain Tumor
Cot Deaths
Miscarriages and so on.
In modern times, we have lost interest in this knowledge totally, and now we are coming back to it as there is an increase in the number of Geopathic Stress-related diseases.

However, if your house is located in a Geopathic Stress area, you really need to understand what is happening and find an appropriate solution to protect your health.
In 1929, German scientist Gustav Freiherr von Pohl carried out investigations and said that “one would not get cancer unless one spent time in Geopathic Stress places, sometimes laying in one’s bed.
Dr. H. Nieper, a world-renowned cancer specialist, stated that 92% of all his cancer patients were Geopathically Stressed. He said more than 4,000 medical doctors in Austria and Germany called in dowsers to assist with their most severe cases of cancer and long-term illnesses.
Thankfully, This can be Detected and Corrected.