Online Vastu Classes


After the completion of course you will be able to  consider vastu in any PROPERTY like home, shop & office . Easy & Efective Remedy without demolition.After this you will be able to correct the vastu dosh of Entrances,Toilets,Kitchen, Underground & Overhead Water-Tank,Septic Tank,Stairs etc.You will know the best place to keep Freeze,washing machine,property – document,cash-box,kids study table,dustbins,music instruments & many more.

Those are intrested in Online vastu classes can join this course.

Here you learn:-

  • Introduction of vastu shastra
  • What are the vastu deffects.
  • how to take degree of North.
  • How to take degree from Google Earth.
  • Introduction of measurment & drawing a home plan for vastu purpose.
  • Gridding of map in 16 zones.
  • 32 Entrances & its effects.
  • Bar chart technic.
  • Five elements in detail.
  • How to balance five elements.
  • Object placement in best favorable direction.
  • How to find vastu defects with symptoms theory.
  • How to correct the defects .
  • How to select best Remedy.
  • Real life practical case studies .
  • Vastu programming in Interiors.
  • 45 Devta introduction…vastu purushmandal(v.p.m).