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Myvastuguru is the Vastu Expert in Patna, Bihar. Are you search Mahavastu Expert in Patna or Mahavastu Consultant in Bihar & Jharkhand find  Here we are providing services regarding Vastu, numerology, and Astro Vastu.

All these 3 methods resonate with you with nature we do an analysis of your house map. your name alphabet with your date of birth.

your Kundli if you have your birth details, Which all are related for Vastu & Mahavastu.

Vastu is the  Vedic science of house architecture & related to spiritualism.means Vastu is more than a has a connection with nature. its principles are connected with five elements, that is natural forces. We all know about panch tattva .water, fire, earth, air, and space. All people know our life is connected with time and space.

for the time we can not do anything, which means we can not make any changes in time. If you want to get happiness in your life then you contact Myvastuguru. We are providing Vastu & Mahavastu services in Patna & Dhanbad. Vastu for the only possibility of changes in space, and space is the mother of opportunity.

As we all know if you want an appointment with a doctor admission of kids in school, a job in a company.

A seat in a train we all are demanding space. and until we don’t get space our desires will not get manifested in this real world.

This is the key point of Vastu Shastra. if your building frequency is in resonance with nature.

All the kind of manifestation will be done.

Here at Myvastuguru the simple steps of applying Vastu at your buildings.

step 1  Gridding of your house map.

step 2  Analysis n remedy suggestion.

We use modern energy scanners to find the defective points in a building.geopathic stress is the main cause of disease in buildings.

we take care of this also.if you want a Vastu-designed home plan we can help you.

So many times we checked the home plan which was a Vastu complaint from the client end but after checking those plans we did many corrections.

Our suggestion can help you in many ways. house construction is not an easy required lots of money. energy, time, and effort.

It’s better to get checked your plan according to Vastu before you will not lose your money and time in demolition.

We all know Vastu has a vital role in health. when a point of your home has got the Vastu defect the same area in a body will be affected and we have found in many cases medically may be all the reports are ok, but unless you will not cure the defect in Vastu you will never get relief.

Best Vastu Consultant in Patna

the entrance effects of our buildings are the most important part, according to myvastuguru. here we can choose the best entrance in any direction which gives us happiness, health and wealth.

Vastu is the science of prosperity.

Vastu is the science of living.

those who applied this science in their building feel blessed.

It’s a gift of our Vedic sheers to mankind.

all over the world, east to west, or in gulf countries everywhere Vastu is getting popularity.

Vastu is the science of directions.

We all read in Hanuman Chalisa “Astdikpaal” these are the rulers of that direction north, south, east, west, northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest.

sometimes we hear Dus Dishayien …here they consider Astdikpal and Aakash and Prithvi two extra directions.

Myvastuguru can suggest you the name correction according to numerology. God has sent you a number which is in your date of birth. there are secret connections between numbers and vibrations.

As you know in today’s world number is your identity. we all get CIN..customer identification number energy where .wheather its an Aadhar card, Pan Card, school college roll number, cinema ticket number, bus number, train number, mobile number.

If you observe we all are following numbers and numbers. numbers have become an identity in the modern world.We all know 108 times chanting of any mantra. why because our ancestors used these numbers for their favor .they were aware of the secret connections of the numbers.

your name alphabets play a very big role in your life. if they are in resonance with nature you can be an achiever, not a loser.

you must be seen all the players wear a particular number of t-shirts, film stars use particular num of caps, or cars in a film.

Maha Vastu is a technique in modern times it has a demand to boost your fortune or get relief with your problems. here we analyze your birth chart with your horoscope.

If you have any questions about Vastu & Mahavastu then you Contact Myvastuguru expert of Vastu.

you always contact my office Patna & Dhanbad & get more information with Vastu remedies.

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