How to Learn Vastu course In Class Offline/Classroom

Classroom Vastu Course – 5 Days Only INR 11000/ (10 AM to 5 PM)

For the first time in Patna started offline Vastu courses by My Vastuguru. His founder Er KP Singh, is an expert of Vastu and the best Vastu consultant in Patna. My Vastuguru starts the course of Vastu in the classrooms.

If you want to learn Vastu course in Patna offline then you contact My Vastuguru and start your course in the classroom.

Vastu Shastra is a historical science that helps people to destroy negativity or resolve their problems related to Vastu. Vastu Shastra helps in making an implied layout for our places-Office, Home, Kitchen, Balcony, Garden, Living Room, etc.

The ancient science of architecture, the energy around you to stipulate what you achieve in your life, and how you resolve the situations. All thing is energy and that’s all there is to it. Meet the frequency of the reality you want and you can’t help but get the reality.

With the help of Vastu Shastra, we arrange our home, office, or our lifestyle to get more energy in our life. A Vastu conquer can be corrected through the changes in Home Or Offices, through the interiors of the house or offices by applying colors, gadgets, or by various remedies.

 Vastu Shastra helps us to live our lives in the right way or construction,   should be the right of our house and office Vastu Consultant Patna provides you with the right things to your life. Vastu is an ancient science to connect with nature and balance our homes or places. Basic elements are Akash(Sky), Prithvi (Earth), Paani (Water), Agni(Fire, And Vayu(Wind).

Fundamentals Of Vastu 

You can also learn Vastu in the classroom by Er KP Singh, which is the best Vastu teacher, Vastu expert, and best Vastu consultant in Patna. We start zero labels to expert label, we teach only three days and you will be making a Vastu Expert.

Vastu’s values encourage us to live happy lives by developing our interior and structures. Vaastu International teaches these logical and scientific ideas through a well-designed training curriculum. International experts from Vaastu Foreign have insight into the Vaastu Sastra for families, offices, conventions, and hospitals.

 Tips for the formation or destruction of a Vaastu-compatible living environment can be learned. You can get the most valuable education to imbue Vaastu values, whether you are in a house, apartment, flat, commercial.

Vaastu International offers the skills needed to build attractive and energized living spaces. Know how Vastu Shastra’s true principles affect the instructions in a living room.

When you learn how to use Vastu Shastra’s teachings in your daily lives, you can understand existing imbalances and redefine them to create a quiet environment in your home.

Lern Case Studies With Remedies

My Vastuguru  Er KP Singh give a practical training of vastu course in Patna and handling case of Vastu and provide Vastu Classes in offline in the classroom. You can also learn about Vastufault treatment in this class.

In Patna, we’re starting our interior work for a small flat. Study and propose remedies kindly.


•             Stove in the center of the house & sink, southeast of the kitchen (major defect)

•             Push the gas to the southeast corner and move the sink to the center-east. If not, you are holding labradorite crystals on the sink wall between the stove and wooden pyramid.

  Bed and head in the north (major defect)

   It is particularly inauspicious to sleep with your head to the north the massive copper energy plate under the bed for correction.

South Facing Research Desk

Table of Change Analysis faced east from the south. Place the Education Tower on the research desk to energize the study field.

Vastu is Programing & Your’s Map

A science of directions that harmonizes architecture with nature, Vastu Shastra, an ancient architectural tradition in India, creates a fun environment, which helps the studies enhance focus and help them achieve their objectives.

 Also, it is noticed that some students cannot do well in tests while they are very hard at work.

In these situations, Vastu Shastra could be the catalyst for turning average yet hard-working students into high performers by creating an atmosphere that is Vastu consistent with the learning system. By enhancing memory capacity, the old Vastu laws will satisfy the full ability of students and detect secret skills.

All of you are requested to take admission in the Offline Vastu Course in Patna and classes in Patna. All  Vastu Classes conducted by the best Vastu expert in Patna KP Singh, successful in their life.

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