How to Learn in Online Vastu in Patna, Bihar by Vastu Expert.

Many people want to learn Vastu, but he do not know how to learn Vastu at Home. Today’s era is digital and you can learn Vastu and other courses in your own home.  My Vastuguru started online courses of Online Vastu Course in Patna. My Vastuguru founder of Er K P Singh, is the best Vastu expert in Patna, Bihar.

Er KP Singh provides a solution for all learners and students of Vastu. You can join my online classes and learn a lot about Vastu.

he stepping stone in Vastu the student’s path is the online Vastu Shastra tutorial.

which is an even better eye-opener for someone who wants to study it.

It is an intermediate standard for the Introducing Vastu course. responsible for developing many emerging architectural experts in India and abroad alike.

Students, newbies, and homemakers who want to study Vastu can also do this course.

My vastuguru ne Patna me Online Vastu class start kiya hai jo vastu expert in Patna Er. K.P. Singh ke dwara chalaya ja raha hai.

Fundamental Of Vastu course Online

The My Vastuguru Institute aims to provide deep insights and information through our online.

Vastushastra course on various aspects of Vedic Vastu in an easy-to-understand and straight forward language.

So, in Vastu for beginners, we give live instructor instruction and video guides.

podcasts, online payments, and detailed and structured research materials.

My Vastuguru is the best Vastu Consultant in Patna. You can learn Vastu provides you with how to get peaceful, energetic, positive energy. Vastu Shastra is the dharma study in architecture, which obeys certain rules and certain things to believe.

We all know we want to balance our life, career, finance but sometimes.

It is not possible to go in the same way or some time we face some issue.
we don’t know what is happening with us. It is related to the alignment of Feng Shui.Balance 5 factors in your home’s 16 directions and apply MahaVastu treatments for essential facets of your life.

such as enhancing immunity, new job prospects, healthier families, and girls’ studies.

Assess and stabilize your home using the MahaVastu 4-step Shakti Chakra technique.

Then, change the results of multiple events, facilities, and decorative items and 32 accesses in 16 directions of a household.

Advise Maha Vastu Solutions to repair Vastu faults since kitchen, bathroom, dorm, and other.

Basic household tasks are incorrectly located using 16 MahaVastu techniques and five-element attributes.

Pick and position suitable remedies for Maha-Vastu to plan the interior of a home for clarity, satisfaction, self-confidence, job advancement, and savings.

Place essential resources for your efforts’ best results, secure, research table for children, your work table, and other significant properties. Keep your home healthy with a timeless Vedic awareness of fitness, protection, safety, and good Karmas development.

You lern case Studies With remedies

You can learn and practice in your life, How can Vastu dosh  effect in your life and How to get rid of it.

Many people’s example in our life he is frustrated and upset in life to Vastu dosh and we know how can get solutions. We explain in class about solutions.

I stay on the third floor of my home, where there are parents and elder brother families on the first floor and other brother families behind my room on the first floor. The second-floor plan is sealed.

So, we should respect our ancient things to balance our life or nature.

Remedies/Corrections in Vastu:

    Northeast kitchen (major defect)

For virtual moving, repair a vast three copper change arrow facing southeast.

  Bed and head in the north (major defect)

Put a large copper energy plate underneath the bed.

South West Entrance, South West Door (major defect)

Place the three vast blocks of lead metal near the southwest entrance.

Bathroom at East

Fix the pyramid of three vast energy partitions on the toilet door frame

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