Now learn Vastu in Patna. Its a wonderful course to build a understanding of 5 element (panch-tatva ) nature & you.This course will answere your’s many life problems & solutions regarding health,wealth,relationship. So quickly learn, practice,and appriciate the wisdom of our rishi’s knowledge & research they have given to humankind. Gift yourself a knowledge & wisdom of Vastu Science .First you should make clear learning for your life and solutions.once you devloupe the art of solution you can create a life – changing experience in others life too. Its useful for businessmen, builders, vastu experts, astrologers, architects, doctors, scientists, feng shui experts, housewives and even students.If u have a intrest to learn ” vastu -shashtra ” for self or want to be vastu consultant. we have design an easy-course to learn step by step.After learning you will be a part of our group.and get all supports on whatsapp .See our youtube vedio’s for more clarity.
here you learn…
Introduction of vastu shastra
how to take degree of north.
Introduction making a map .
Gridding of map in 16 zones.
32 Entrances & its effects.
Bar chart technic.
Five elements in detail.
How to balance five elements.
Object placement in best favorable direction.
How to find vastu defects with sing-tom theory.
How to correct the defects.
Real life practical case studies .
45 Devta introduction…vastu purushmandal(v.p.m).
After completion the workshop, certificate will be be awarded.
Life-time whatsapp support.
One map free consultation.Bring your building/flat plan.
Fees:- Eleven thousand. Rs 11000/-

If u have a keen intrest to learn " vastu -vidya " we have design an easy course to learn step by step.

Our Trainer

Astro-Vastu Consultant...Er K.p singh He is a certified & trained by MAHAVASTU founder " Dr Kushdeep Bansal" & other eminent scholars of india to accquire this vedic wisdom of indian building architechture "vastu-shastra".Advanced method to Measure the energy with Energy-scanners & developed the sense to find the disturbed energy points or spots in a building, i.e root cause of the problem & tested easy remove those Vastu defects without demolition. Astro-vastu is the method to make planetry energy in favour of you with vastu programming. He combines the astrology & vastu for desired result manifestation. He has 7years experience & a list of satisfied clients in Hyderabad,Bangalore,Mumbai,Pune,Delhi,Patna,Bhagalpur,Muzaffarpur,Ranchi, Dhanbad. He has helped his clients in a dicision making & getting out of the problem they are facing in health,relationship & money matters due to vastu dosh.Result are the miracles for them but its a vedic science of vastu purush mandal .you can talk to him regarding your problem having a connection with vastu or not. its an get consultation n quick solutions by balancing vibes of space. welcome in the world of "vastu purush mandal" i.e Energy Matrix.

His method of teaching is very simple, Practical, Logical & step by step, hence not required any pre knowledge of vastu. He is having knowledge of Astrology, Vastu & Energy Scanners. Remedy which are designed are very easy to use. He has 7 years of expierence. After training you will be able to identify and solve any problem related with Vastu. JOIN NOW

Astro Vastu Consultant


We have Qualified Experience and research of over 7 years with 1000+ research in Vastu . We don’t want to sound boastful but we have contributed fresh ways of looking and exploring Vastu .


We show the path and motivate to become professional Astrology & Vaastu expert and make a promising career out of it so that they can transform their life and others.


We use very simple language and techniques in the classroom to make every concept clear and understandable to each and every students of any IQ Level.


Recap and doubt clearing session is conducted of the previous class before going to next session. There are regular informal meet ups with ER K.P.Singh and our alumni to discuss all new updates.

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